Bedside Single Day Alarm Clock with Nightlight, Dual AC Outlets and Dual USB Charging
HiH48 HiH48 HiH48
HiH48 HiH48 HiH48
Model #HiH48
Made for Hotel
  • Two 2.4 amp USB ports on top of cabinet for fast, convenient charging of mobile
  • Two 125V AC 3-prong courtesy outlets to power devices
  • Single Day Alarm prevents your previous guests unwanted alarms from sounding
  • Gentle Wake Alarm wakes sleepers up gradually with increasing volume
  • 12/24 hour display modes
  • Cabinet top instructions for ease of use
  • Pre-set clock
  • Snooze/dimmer button controls 8 levels of display brightness on all displays
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
  • Wake to alarm tone
  • Easy-to-set alarm
  • Multi-function backlit negative LCD display with adjustable brightness
  • Heavy gauge 6 foot braided cloth power cable with right angle plug
  • Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures alarm wake time in case of power failures
  • Secure Battery Door with screw closure
  • Security tether with tamper proof screw
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