Hotel Technologies offers a wide variety of innovative products to the hospitality trade, including alarm clocks, clock radios, charging systems and speaker systems under the iHome and Timex brands. Hotel Technologies' hospitality products contain numerous unique features including:
Single Day Alarm, so no
guest is rudely awakened.
Wireless charging for all compatible devices.
Bluetooth speakers
specially designed so that all streaming stays within the guest's room.
USB Ports, to charge virtually any mobile device.
Volume limiter to avoid startling guests and disturbing adjacent rooms.
Auto update for daylight savings time, no need to adjust clocks twice a year!
Patented Triple Display easy clock viewing on front, left, and right sides of cabinet.
Courtesy Outlets provide easy access to a 110V 3-prong outlet.
All of our features are user-friendly and contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of the guest's stay, making their hotel rooms feel more like home.
Hotel Technologies has sold its products to virtually every major hotel chain around the world, including Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Disney, Wynn, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Omni Hotels, MGM Grand, and many others. Many of these hotels have acknowledged consumer confidence in the brand by featuring iHome products in their print ads, airport billboards, television commercials, online promos, room keys, etc.
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